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Catch22 submits written evidence on the Victims and Prisoners Bill

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The Victims and Prisoners Bill seeks to place victims at the heart of the Criminal Justice System (CJS), in particular by placing the Victims Code in primary legislation. The Victims and Prisoners Bill offers an invaluable opportunity to ensure that all victims of all crime types are provided with consistent and high-quality support to help them overcome the impact of crime and minimise the likelihood of revictimisation. Currently, Catch22 believes that the bill falls short on fulfilling its function and neglects to address some of the major challenges that victims are experiencing in the criminal justice system.

Catch22’s delivery of services supporting both victims and prisoners across the criminal justice system has positioned us to feed in valuable insight on the impacts that the Bill’s provisions will have on our service users, and where it can be improved.

The bill is currently passing through parliament and Catch22’s evidence will help inform the bill’s scrutiny during Committee Stage.

Our key recommendations to the Government are:

  1. The Victims and Prisoners Bill offers a unique opportunity to expand accessibility of restorative justice across the criminal justice system. Catch22 recommends that access to restorative justice is included as a right within the Victims Code.
  2. The bill does not go far enough to protect victims of the crime types we see are having significant impact on the individuals we support. Catch22 recommends that the bill is amended to ensure victims of online fraud, Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) are protected through this statutory legislation.
  3. Part Three of the bill seeks to make significant changes to the parole system, deterring focus from victims and driving an overly-punitive and politicised Justice system. Catch22 recommends that Part Three is removed and the bill returned to its original purpose as a Victims Bill.

You can read Catch22’s full written response below.

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