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Digital skills

Click Start: Privacy notice

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Who we are

This privacy notice explains how we receive and use personal information for the Click Start programme, an initiative funded by Nominet. The University of Bath is the lead partner for the Institute of Coding (IoC) and will be responsible for receiving and processing data about applicants, participants and employers connected with the projects which make up the Click Start programme for evaluation purposes.

Click Start is an initiative designed to support people into technology and digital roles through education. It seeks to focus on diversity of talent and equality of opportunity to support learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to take up digital skills. Through the provision of inclusive technical training (courses) alongside tailored personal and professional skills support, this programme will combine best practice in digital skills provision with wraparound support.

The primary beneficiaries of the Click Start Programme will be 26,500 learners who engage with our programme, 25,000 of whom will receive broad outreach support. A further 1,500 learners will receive personalised 1:1 support.

The Institute of Coding is a group of industry, government, higher education and outreach partners who have come together to create more than 150 new courses that have engaged 900,000 diverse learners to date. Our partners have created a variety of courses (many of which are online) so you can keep learning wherever you are in your life or career.

Personal information and Click Start

For the purposes of relevant data protection legislation, the partner collecting data for each project funded through the Click Start programme is the data controller.

We, University of Bath, will process data on applicants, participants and employers, but these data will be anonymised before they reach the Institute of Coding so we will be unable to identify individuals.

Please see each learning provider’s Privacy Notice for detailed information on:

  • why they are collecting your personal information
  • which information will be collected
  • the legal basis for this data collection
  • how your information will be used
  • how long the information will be stored
  • who will be able to see your personal information
  • how you can request to access, rectify or erase your information from their records

Personal information and University of Bath, the Institute of Coding

The University of Bath, the lead partner in the Institute of Coding (IoC), will receive, analyse and store the data outlined in this Privacy Notice in connection with the Click Start programme. We will share this data with our externally appointed evaluators for the purpose of analysis.

Data collected by each learning provider will be anonymised and shared with the Institute of Coding to:

  • build up a picture of those interested in and/or registered to participate in the programme
  • review the status of learners towards completion of their training at various stages
  • review pre- and post- course survey data to assess how successful the programme has been
  • analyse the outcomes and impact for learners and employers as a result of engagement with the programme

Your personal, individualised data will not be available to the Institute of Coding or any other partner within the Institute of Coding consortium. Aggregated, anonymised and summarised data may be shared with Institute of Coding consortium partners and Nominet (the funder) to support the development of best practice.

Why we collect information

We are collecting information on ‘Click Start’ applicants, participants and employers for the purposes of helping us understand how well the courses are working and whether they are achieving their anticipated outcomes.

Consent for marketing or evaluation purposes

If you have given your consent to either be added to Institute of Coding mailing lists or to be given further information about the Institute of Coding’s Ambassador programme, your contact details will be passed to the Institute of Coding and used for this purpose until you ask us not to send you further information.

If you have consented to be contacted by either the Institute of Coding or our externally appointed evaluators for the Click Start programme for the purposes of evaluation, your contact details will be passed to the Institute of Coding and shared with the external evaluators. We will keep your contact data for a maximum of 5 years, after which time they will be securely destroyed.

If you wish to withdraw consent at any time, please contact both your training provider and ioc@bath.ac.uk.

For further information please contact the University of Bath Data Protection Officer:

David Jolly, Office of Policy & Planning, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY


Last updated:

We may need to update this privacy notice periodically, so we recommend that you revisit this information from time to time. This version was last updated February 2023