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Criminal justice

David Lammy MP praises Catch22’s work with young people

A woman wearing a hoodie, with the hood up, covers her face with two hands. The hand in front of her eyes facing her, and the hand in front of her mouth faces the camera.

David Lammy MP discusses his review of racial bias in the criminal justice system and has high praise for Catch22’s work with young people involved in gangs or at risk of gang involvement.

In his comments, he praised for Catch22’s work with young people:

“I’m delighted to support the important work of Catch22 across the country working with young people involved in gangs and those at risk of gang involvement. During the course of my review I have visited many prisons, Young Offender Institutions and probation services and it is clear to me that there are some very long-standing and deeply imbued problems within our criminal justice system that are having a detrimental impact on young people from ethnic minority backgrounds.”

He also commented on the challenges of the Gang Matrix system:

I have particular concerns regarding the Gang Matrix system and how names find their ways onto the Matrix, the impact that being named on the Matrix has in terms of treatment throughout the criminal justice system, and most importantly, how names find their way off it.

And proposed that the Dawes Unit expertise should feed into policy:

“I am also pleased that the Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees has commissioned a city-wide Gangs and Street Conflict Strategy. It is important that organisations with expertise and experience on the ground such as Catch22 are able to fully feed into the policy-making process to ensure that our justice system focuses on how we can support gang intervention, prevention and exit.”