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Victim services

Deputy Mayor visits new Greater Manchester Victims’ Service

Greater Manchester's Deputy Mayor, Kate Green, visits the Greater Manchester Victims' Service. She speaks to staff from the service as they work at their desks.

Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor Kate Green has visited the city-region’s new victims’ service, delivered by Catch22, to see how the refreshed service is improving support and provision for victims of crime and fostering greater collaboration with Greater Manchester Police (GMP.)

The Greater Manchester Victims’ Service (GMVS) is an umbrella service that brings together a variety of provision to support victims and witnesses of both reported and unreported crime in the city-region. It has been in place since 2017.

In September 2023, Catch22 came on board to run the service and relocate its base to GMP Headquarters.

Catch22 is one of the country’s leading providers of support services for victims of crime, currently offering support across Hertfordshire and Leicestershire.

The independent service will ensure victims are supported to cope and recover from their experience of crime, and that the most vulnerable victims are recognised and receive an enhanced service. It will allow closer working with other agencies to provide effective support to victims and improve information sharing – contributing to effective crime prevention through close working with partners.

On December 6, the Deputy Mayor for police, crime, criminal justice and fire, Kate Green – who is responsible for commissioning victims’ services in the city-region – visited Catch22 employees at GMP headquarters.

She said:

“I’m so pleased to see our refreshed Greater Manchester Victims’ Service up and running and to have the opportunity to meet members of the team. It’s great to see everyone working together to support victims of crime across our city-region.

“The changes we are making with our new provider demonstrate our unwavering commitment to improving services for victims of crime while strengthening local partnerships and fostering greater collaboration with GMP.

“GMVS will provide first-class support and care for victims of crime. It will be a one-stop-shop for everything a victim of crime needs to know – offering practical and emotional support, referrals to specialist support, and victims will be able to better keep up to date with the progress of their case as a result of the changes.

“Having GMVS based at GMP HQ is designed to streamline the sharing of information and referral of victims of crime to support services. The closer relationship between GMP and Catch22 will be more efficient at addressing any issues and identifying ways of working and best practice to improve the support offered to victims.”

The service is taking a staggered approach to development – the first step was to get the new co-located footprint delivered and a basic service in place and the next stage will be to work with key stakeholders to promote the service and create a local profile.

The official launch of the new service is set to take place early in 2024.