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Offender management and rehabilitation

Catch22’s Finance, Benefit and Debt Service named as a finalist for the Robin Corbett Award 

A close up of some money alongside a calculator laid on a table. In the corner is the "Robin Corbett Award Finalist" logo.

Catch22’s Finance, Benefit and Debt (FBD) service has been shortlisted as one of the top seven finalists for the Robin Corbett Awards. The Robin Corbett Awards celebrate organisations and programmes that support re-integration and rehabilitation for people leaving prison into the community. 

Finance, Benefit and Debt empowers individuals to navigate the post-custodial financial landscape effectively and contribute positively to their communities, by offering service users practical steps towards building a stable and financially independent life.  

Finance, Benefit and Debt provides support including: 

  • budgeting and managing money day-to-day,
  • support requesting debt write-off,
  • tackling digital poverty,
  • gaining ID and birth certificates, and 
  • opening bank accounts.

“Since I’ve got my benefits sorted, I just want to focus on moving onto the next thing to sort my life out. I’ve not felt like contacting my old negative friends, who always cause me trouble.”

– Service user

The finance-specific barriers faced by prison-leavers are significant. In the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis these barriers are exacerbated. They can include basic disadvantages like not having ID (often meaning they are unable to open a bank account or apply for a job) or complex issues related to bankruptcy and debt, such as residual court fines owed from before their time in custody. To add further challenge, the post-custodial system for seeking the correct financial support can be overwhelming and convoluted.   

The support that Finance, Benefit and Debt provides is therefore a fundamental step to promoting economic independence, offering the financial stability and capacity that not only reduces stress, but helps prison leavers focus on achieving secondary protective factors such as employment, good relationships and a place to live. 

Speaking about the shortlisting, Catch22 Senior Operations Manager, Ana Caldeira, said:

“We are really pleased that our work has been recognised by the Robin Corbett Awards and look forward to developing this service further to support individuals overcoming finance-related barriers post-custody.”