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Criminal justice

Justice: Annual review 2019-2020

Staff at HMP Thameside conduct meetings with service users inside the prison. There are lots of sets of tables and chairs laid out in two long rows.

Catch22’s justice services are innovating, revitalising and reforming the delivery of rehabilitation and victims services in prison and the community

“There is no doubt that the past year has seen many challenges, on a global, national and criminal justice sector level. Catch22 and our Justice Hub has throughout this time remained solution focused, adaptable and committed to providing quality commissioned services, supporting our service users and contributing to making our communities safer. Within the Catch22 Justice footprint, we are proud of the evidenced impact of our work across both victim, community and offender focused services. We have navigated the complexities of delivering our quality provision by adapting to change, being innovative and by blending our model by increasing the use of technology to provide vital support virtually.

“Overall, this year we engaged with 44,981 Service Users across our Justice reach, 95% of those we work with in our Through the Gate services said they were satisfied with the service they received. 99% of services users in our victim services reported improved mental or physical health as a result of the support received. These figures, when considering the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, illustrate our dedication to those we engage with. Our social impact, along with our strategy going forward are informed by our partners, commissioners, service users and local and national needs, as such we are working at the forefront of social justice policy and organisational coalitions.

“During a time of financial unpredictability, and a national, perhaps global recession, we have continued to promote our vision and methodology as drivers for change for good. We have increased our reach, by gaining new contracts at HMP Wandsworth resettlement and extending our Wolverhampton Violence Reduction Team to include a young person’s resettlement in the community service. In addition, we have seen contract extensions and growth in our Victim’s services.

“As change continues with the government launch of the Dynamic Framework. The Ministry of Justice’s Probation Services Dynamic Framework has been designed to enable private and voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations to deliver rehabilitative services aimed at reducing offending and enabling people to lead purposeful lives within their communities. We are delighted to have been successful in being confirmed on the framework, as such we are busy preparing bids for delivery in many categories in various regions across the country.

“2020 was without doubt memorable for all sorts of reasons but I am sure that 2021 will be even more so.”

– Lisa Smitherman Director of Justice

For over 200 years Catch22 has designed and delivered services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities. Our approach is based on the 3Ps. We believe people can thrive when they have good people, a purpose, and a good place to live.

Catch22 delivers offender management, resettlement and gangs work in prisons and in the community. At the heart of our rehabilitative and restorative work is the belief that relationships are crucial to effective desistance from crime. We run 21 justice services across 18 prisons. Last year, we worked with:

  • 38,700 service users in custody
  • 20,700 victims
  • 59,416 service users in total
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