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Offender management and rehabilitationSubstance misuse

New Dependency and Recovery service in London

Portrait of a young man looking away from the camera.

Catch22, supporting The Forward Trust, has won a contract to deliver the Dependency and Recovery service in London.

The service is set to help thousands of people on probation (prison leavers and those on community orders). It’s part of a suite of add-on services that probation teams can commission to provide tailored wrap-around support to their clients and has been designed to bridge the gap between probation and substance misuse services in the community.  Catch22 will be specifically working with 18-25 year olds, building on our experience of running successful substance misuse services.

Matt Randle, Assistant Director of Justice at Catch22, said:

“We know that there is a well-established and complex link between criminality and dependency issues. We know that for individuals with such needs, being able to address these will be one of the biggest factors determining whether they can go on to live a crime-free and fulfilling life.  We’re excited about being involved in such service which aims to enhance an individual’s ability and motivation to access holistic support.

“We are also really happy to be partnering with an organisation such as Forward Trust on this, I feel that with our collective experience and expertise we can deliver some high quality and impactful services which will expand and complement our existing offer of support to People On Probation throughout London.”

The contact marks the third community rehabilitation service that Catch22 has won in the London area, adding to Personal Wellbeing and Finance, Benefit and Debt – both commissioned by the Ministry of Justice.

The service will involve working closely with Probation Teams, developing their understanding of substance misuse and raising their awareness of the support available through community providers of treatment. It will also involve brokering referrals and helping to address gaps in the criminal justice pathway.