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Care leavers

National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum: Annual report 2020-2021

A young man participates in an online event, which he is viewing on his laptop whilst wearing earphones.

“You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of to have mental health issues or past trauma to be resolved, because you are so strong to have got to here.”

– Care experienced Champion, speaking to other Care Leavers, January 2021

The aim of the National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum (NLCBF) is to stimulate and disseminate best practice on a national scale to improve outcomes for the nation’s care leavers.

The National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum (NLCBF) has a large and active membership of 120 Local authority leaving care teams. At the heart of the forum is the Young Person’s Benchmarking Forum (YPBMF), with the voice of care leavers shaping the direction of the forum and integral to the forum’s events and work. Our activities are focused around three areas

  • Membership – We hold regular specialist peer learning and development events for Leaving Care Managers and Practitioners. The membership website offers access to regular policy and practice updates, peer enquiry forms, and leaving care resources. Care leavers from members Local Authorities are invited to be part of the YPBMF which meets regularly to identify Care Leavers’ priorities and advocate for these
  • National influence – Influencing Leaving Care policy and practice through a close working relationships with government departments, HMPPS, Ofsted, and other leaving care organisations.
  • Research – Promoting and supporting the development of the latest research around leaving care.

The aim of the forum is to stimulate and disseminate best practice on a national scale to improve outcomes for care experienced young people.

NLCBF and Catch22

The Forum is run by the charity Catch22 and funded through membership fees from Local Authorities. The Forum has a steering group of 9 Local Authority representatives who work closely with the staff team at Catch22 to shape the development of the Forum.

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