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Employment and training

PAC publish findings on delivery of the Kickstart Scheme using Catch22’s evidence

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, taken from across the River Thames. Overlaid is text that reads: "Consultation Response".

In November 2021, Catch22 responded to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) inquiry into the operation and effectiveness of the Kickstart scheme, and the value for money it represents. The PAC has today published the results of the inquiry using Catch22’s evidence.

Catch22 was one of the first to join the ranks of Kickstart Gateways, and went on to incubate Kickstart Community – a programme which provides wraparound support for both the employer and employee before and during the placement. Despite the Department for Work and Pensions’ best intentions for the scheme, the Public Accounts Committee has identified in their report that the scheme is simply not delivering what it set out to do for young people. It is clear that for a scheme like this to work, it needs to be youth-centred and targeting those who are most impacted by the greatest barriers into sustainable employment.The findings of the inquiry reflect much of the evidence that we submitted. Ultimately, it is essential that any employment scheme gives young people the platform they need to access quality jobs, which can then develop into sustainable employment prospects for the long-term. From our experience, issues of underemployment are just as, if not more, problematic than unemployment for young people.