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Child exploitationVictim services

Transforming the lives of victims of crime and exploitation

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Today, changes will be made to the Victims’ Code to improve the rights of victims of crime. At Catch22 we deliver a range of services in our Justice and Young People & Families divisions to help individuals cope and recover from their experiences.

The new Victims’ Code (also known as the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime) will simplify the previous 16 entitlements in the Code into 12 key, overarching rights, which are clear, concise and easy to understand. It includes a new right for eligible victims to be automatically referred to the Victim Contact Scheme, as well as greater rights for victims of mentally disordered offenders.

At Catch22, we have a range of services that support victims and witnesses of crime and exploitation. Commissioned by the local Police and Crime Commissioner, our services provide free, confidential independent support to victims and witnesses in their region.

We have recently produced a new slide deck which outlines the support we provide to victims of crime and exploitation and why we are different.