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Child exploitation

What makes a good relationship?

Close-up of a young woman, taken from waist-height, as she looks at her phone. Her face is not visible. Overlaid is text that says: "Spot the Signs Poster Hub".

Awareness of Child Exploitation (CE) has risen dramatically in recent years as the scale of the problem was unearthed in areas across the country. The issue has since been covered extensively on the news, in documentaries and TV dramas; but our teams find the early signs of exploitation are often still missed by the adults around a young victim.

For this reason, we have produced a series of posters that shine a light on this issue, and the ways to help a young person. The materials are most relevant for professionals who work with children, but are useful for anybody who wants to know more about Child Exploitation and Missing From Home.

  1. Respect – a friend will never push you to do something you’re not comfortable doing.
  2. Trust – a friend should trust you to be around other friends without feeling jealous.
  3. Support – a friend should be happy for you when good things happen and sad for you when bad things happen.
  4. Equality – if you’re being controlled or you’re afraid of your friend/partner, something is wrong.
  5. Identity – being with someone shouldn’t feel you’re losing your own identity.
  6. Consent – no means no: even if you usually say yes, even if you said yes before but you’ve changed your mind.