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Offender management and rehabilitation

Women prisoners to be taught coding as part of new partnership

A woman sits at a desk working on computer coding.

Catch22 and the PA Foundation have joined together to deliver coding workshops and computer programming training to 50 women in UK prisons and help them to secure employment once they leave.

Latest statistics show that 70,000 people leave prison every year and 46% of offenders in the UK re-offend within a year of leaving prison

People often leave prison with limited education, skills and no support network. Women are still massively under-represented in tech, with only 19% of senior roles filled by women. Up to 50% of employers find candidates lack the technical skills necessary for technology role.

Over the next 12 months we will support:

  • 50 female prisoners with digital and coding skills
  • 36 female prisoners to graduate from the programme
  • 20 female prisoners into work on their release

Lisa Smitherman, Director of Justice at Catch22, said:

“Equipping prisoners for the world of work upon release has huge personal and social value. It’s fantastic to be working with The PA Foundation to expand the work of Code4000 and give women prisoners the opportunity to learn how to code. We know that with the right support and skills, these women will be able to secure jobs when they leave prison – but more than that, they’ll be equipped for fulfilling careers in sectors that are growing rapidly.”

The programme will build on our successful Code4000 programme which delivers computer programming training in UK prisons in the form of coding bootcamps.