Care leavers

Catch22 is committed to ensuring that care leavers have access to the best possible life chances when making the transition from the care system to independence.

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Care leavers services at Catch22 are designed around the crucial period of transition from the care system to independence.

Services aim to prevent or reduce the long-term negative impact of a traumatic transition, providing support with:

  • finding a suitable place to live
  • securing and sustaining constructive education, training or employment
  • establishing and maintaining supportive relationships

Without support, care leavers are at risk of homelessness, mental health problems, substance misuse and entering the criminal justice system.

National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum

Catch22 supports the National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum (NLCBF) and Young People’s Benchmarking Forum, which provide a benchmarking service to local authorities.

National Care Advisory Service

Catch22 provided the National Care Advisory Service (NCAS) for 10 years, offering advice and information on leaving care. The NCAS dedicated information hub closed on 31 March 2015 following the conclusion of funding.

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