Programme Insights

Rather than writing a long evaluation report at the end of the five-year programme – which would likely be read by very few people – the Realising Ambition consortium are instead producing a series of 12 Programme Insights.

Each of these Programme Insights is designed to share reflections, learning and practical implications from Realising Ambition. There are three themes to these Insights:

  • Focus Pieces that describe concepts and share some of our reflections and opinions
  • Findings Pieces that report empirical data emerging from the programme and associated evaluation activities
  • Field Guides that are practical ‘how to’ guides for a variety of audiences.

By sharing ideas, successes, challenges and even some mistakes, we hope to support and inspire others considering, undertaking or commissioning their own replication journey.

Issue 1: The Secret Life of Innovation: Replication

Defining success in replicating effective services for children and young people

Realising Ambition Programme Insight - The Secret Life of Innovation (Cover)In the first of our Programme Insights, we explore the topic of replication: delivering a service into new geographical areas or to new or different audiences.

We examine the reasons for replicating in children’s services, the ingredients for successful replication and the stages involved.

We also explore the links between replication and innovation – two concepts that are not as different from one another as you might think!

This briefing is also available in Welsh.

Issue 2: Evidence is Confidence

How to create a richer evidential tapestry

Realising Ambition Programme Insight - Evidence is ConfidenceIn the second of our Programme Insights, we focus on the role of evidence in the replication process.

We argue that the process of replication requires a broader definition of evidence, one that includes but also moves beyond just evidence of impact.

We also consider how to take an overview of this more nuanced take on evidence and what the implications of this approach are for commissioning.

This briefing is also available in Welsh.

Issue 3: Dismantling the Hierarchy

The iterative nature of service improvement and the generation of evidence

Realising Ambition Programme Insight - Dismantling the HierarchyIn the third of our Programme Insights, we explore to what degree the 25 Realising Ambition projects have refined their services and strengthened their evidence-base over the course of their delivery.

We discuss the benefits and limitations to the Standards of Evidence and how generating evidence is a continuous process.

This briefing is also available in Welsh.

Issue 4: Proving vs Improving

Routine outcome monitoring to support service improvement efforts

In the fourth of our Programme Insights, we consider data on how young people have benefitted over the last three and a half years from six Realising Ambition projects that have now finished their delivery within the programme.

We also explore how we came to see data on outcomes for young people as more than just a means of gauging success – it became clear that data can support service refinement and adaptation when replicating services.

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