Our impact

In 2014/15 we worked with over 33,000 people across every stage of the social welfare cycle.

Social Business Review 2016 (Cover)Catch22 is commissioned to deliver services including children’s social care, alternative education, apprenticeships and employability programmes, justice and rehabilitation services, emotional wellbeing and substance misuse.

We deliver social outcomes in a business-like and transparent way. Our Social Business Review 2016 shares our impact in the context of the journey we are on, and defines who we are as a charity and social business.

The Social Business Review brings together all of our work, across multiple markets, and the principles that guide us:

  1. Being more human
  2. Unlocking capacity in communities
  3. Championing local accountability

What we do

Watch our two-minute animation to see an overview of what we do, and the impact we have:

Our impact in 2014/15

Impact Tile - People Directly Supported    Impact Tile - Locations, Staff and Volunteers

Impact Tile - Include    Impact Tile - NCS Programme

Impact Tile - Apprenticeships    Impact Tile - Work Ready

Impact Tile - Rapid Response    Impact Tile - Substance Misuse

Impact Tile - Resettlement Services  Impact Tile - Gangs in Custody

Impact reports