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Social impact review 2023

Catch22-branded bunting is hung from the ceiling. Overlaid is text that reads "Review of the Year".

The breadth and depth of the services and programmes we deliver at Catch22 never fails to impress me. This year, Catch22 colleagues have delivered huge impact: supporting thousands of people to lead better lives, build resilience and fulfil their ambitions.

Read the Catch22 Social Impact Review (2023)


We’ve supported thousands of people furthest from the job market into jobs – with over 60% of those we place into work sustaining that employment beyond six months. We have designed programmes for specific cohorts (such as care experienced young people), and for specific industries (such as energy transition, digital and tech, and the cultural and creative sector).

We’ve helped young victims of exploitation, including County Lines, get their lives back on track, and recovered millions of pounds for victims of fraud. And, we’ve supported young people struggling with substance misuse and with their mental health.

Our rehabilitation work with those who have left prison is going from strength to strength, and we are continually driving innovation through pilots and pushing for policy change where we feel it’s needed.

Our Include schools all meet the Independent Schools Standards and all of our alternative provision colleges are flourishing – providing vital support for children and young people who struggle in mainstream settings.

Our Social Tech Amplifier programme, which provided a springboard for tech ventures with a focus on supporting employment outcomes for people with barriers, has now evolved and broadened into GoodTech Ventures. This growing community of entrepreneurs is key to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and what will make public services the best they can be for those who need them.

I am incredibly proud of all we’ve achieved this year and of the partnerships we’ve formed with like-minded organisations, partners, and commissioners who see the value in what we do. I hope you enjoy reading this review as much as I did.

– Terry Duddy, Chair of Catch22

The need to be accountable, demonstrate impact, and evidence value for money in organisations like ours has never been more important than it is today. As Chief Executive of Catch22, this is something I am determined to do and do well over the next few years.

In light of our struggling economy, cost of living crisis, and increased demand for our services, organisations like ours need to continue to evidence the public benefit we create and the social value we deliver in the services we provide.

Doing this well is not about receiving kudos for the work we do, or because we have to as a part of our funding arrangements. It’s because we should, and it’s the right thing to do. It’s to satisfy ourselves as social sector professionals that our day-to-day activity is having an impact: the kind of impact that brought us to work in the sector in the first place.

Social value is woven into the fabric and history of the sector and what we do and, with the explosion of technological and data-driven solutions, we have the opportunity in ways we have never seen before to fully utilise these tools to enable us to capture impact in simpler and more systematic ways. We also have the opportunity to gain insights to meet needs from information and data that we previously would not have been able to.

For us, this is a continuous journey that we are committed to and will continue to learn from. Alongside deepening our practice, evidencing our sustainability, and supporting our workforce, we remain committed to the social impact we create.

I am very proud of the progress we have made in 2023 and continue to be inspired by the great work of my colleagues and the wider partnership network that contributes to the work we do in many ways. Without them, we would not be able to achieve the impact we do.

I hope you enjoy reading our review and are as inspired by the great work as I am.

– Naomi Hulston, Chief Executive of Catch22

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