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Remand Life Skills

Providing the remand population at HMP Wandsworth with strategies and skills to help them deal with uncertain situations, develop the right mindset, and engage in custody.

Our approach

The Remand Life Skills course supports prisoners on remand in HMP Wandsworth to build resilience and cope with the uncertainty of their status by teaching healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for emotional regulation.

The course aims to inspire learners to engage with the regime, employment skills, and work and support services whilst in custody. The course also supports learners to develop life skills, such as communication, which will support them to resettle into the community after prison, including gaining employment upon release.

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Since the Remand Life Skills course began at the start of 2023:

  • 97% of participants evidenced a positive shift in their distance travelled surveys,
  • 100% of participants provided 100% positive feedback on the course, and
  • the “End of Course” reports have been successfully used within court cases as evidence of self-improvement, with one learner seeing a reduction in their sentence from nine years to three years.

Frequently asked questions

How is the Remand Life Skills course delivered?

The Remand Life Skills course is delivered to small groups of remand prisoners, who all have different characteristics to ensure that a variety of perspectives are being brought to the sessions. The course lasts four days, providing those on remand with structure and purpose.

It is then followed by a minimum of two one-to-one sessions for each learner, which take place with a course facilitator. These one-to-one sessions will last between 30-60 minutes, during which facilitators will support learners to reflect on the goals set and the progress made during the course, and help them to access any additional support that they may require.

Courses run fortnightly, with the week between group sessions being used to carry out one-to-one sessions and complete end-of-course reports.

What content does the course cover?

The initial one-to-one sessions, on the Remand Life Skills course, include a conversation on how group sessions, topics and resources will meet the respective learner’s needs. During this session, we will also undertake a distance travelled self-assessment, which enables Catch22 to measure how the learner currently perceives their situation, life skills, and ability to cope and engage.

After this, there are a total of seven Life Skills group sessions which encourage conversations, reflections and sharing of experiences. These group sessions enable participants to reflect on their personal qualities and what they value in themselves. It also allows participants to highlight their personal strengths and what they can draw on in their development journey. These opportunities for guided learning and conversation alongside peers aim to support resilience, and enables learners cope more effectively with the uncertainty surrounding their remand status.

During the follow-up one-to-one sessions, we consolidate the group sessions, provide practical advice and complete feedback and distance travelled surveys to identify what further support the individual needs, and to understand any ways we can improve the service further.

Does the Remand Life Skills course provide any reports for the learners?

Yes. After engagement with the Remand Life Skills programme, our teams complete a report for each learner. The report outlines their engagement with the course, what reflections they had and how their needs were met.

This report is sent to their solicitors. It can then be used for their case to highlight how they have worked on and addressed their criminogenic behaviour.

Can the Remand Life Skills team provide additional activities for participants?

In addition to the main course, the Remand Life Skills team provide learners with in-cell workbooks and resources alongside journaling, to encourage them to undertake meaningful activity, build on learning, and stay occupied between sessions.

We also provide support with navigation and signposting to other prison services and resources. This enables learners to carry out meaningful work within custody whilst on remand.

Is there any priority given to particular groups of prisoners on the Remand Life Skills waiting list?

In order to participate in the Remand Life Skills course, all prisoners must be in remand.

Priority will be given to prisoners on remand who have the right to work in the UK, as the course has an employability focus. Priority will also be given to prisoners who are less engaged with the prison regime, and who are generally harder to reach.

I can’t explain how great the course was. I found it very helpful and insightful as I learnt a lot about how to better myself mentally and build better relationships with people.

Luke, service user

News and resources

Contact Remand Life Skills

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Naomi McGrath

Assistant Director, London

We accept referrals from prisoners aged 18+ at HMP Wandsworth who are currently on remand:

  • Prisoners can self-refer onto the Remand Life Skills course by submitting an expression of interest via the prison kiosk.
  • Staff members can email the course facilitators to recommend a remanded prisoner for the course.
  • The wider remand team at HMP Wandsworth can add a remanded prisoner to the waiting list directly.

Upon expressing interest in the course, prisoners will be added to a waiting list, and their eligibility will be checked.

For further information, please reach out using our contact form, and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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