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Crime diversion

Bristol Reparation: Annual report 2021-2022

Close-up of hands potting seedlings from a small pot into the ground. The hands are gloved.

Catch22 provides a Reparation and Unpaid Work Service to the Bristol Youth Offending Team (YOT), working with young people aged 10-18 for Reparation and 16-17 for Unpaid Work. We cover The City of Bristol and surrounding areas, working with partner agencies and the local authority.

Our aim is for the young people we support to take ownership of their actions and be given space to reflect and discuss how to move forward positively. We work restoratively with young people to complete the work and support local communities, to give something back. Young people will learn employability, problem solving and practical skills, so they are more engaged in their communities and are able to make positive steps in their future.

“A time for reflection, a way to give back to the community and for me to show that I have thought about my actions and take ownership of them.”

– Young person

The service has delivered a total of 646 hours and helped 40 young people complete their order between April 2021- March 2022.

“I have worked with Catch22 for 3 young people now – all have successfully completed their hours.”

– Bristol YOT Officer

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