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Substance misuse

Surrey Young People’s Substance Misuse: Annual report 2022-2023

A young man stands in an urban environment looking away from the camera. He has long hair and is wearing a band t-shirt with two jackets over the top.

“My worker was everything I could have possibly asked for. She sat and actually listened to me, showing with her body language and word choices that she really wanted to improve my wellbeing by offering helpful advice and a personal understanding of my feelings. I could tell that she cared a lot because she was so open and honest and realistic, and adapted her approach accordingly to help me respond positively. She spoke to me with compassion and no judgement, without seeming condescending, and actually managed to change my perspective of my life and future – I’m so thankful to her.”

– Service user

Catch22’s Surrey Young People’s Substance Misuse service (SYPSMS) is a county-wide specialist treatment service, offering one-to-one support for young people aged 11 to 25 years that are using substances.

Surrey Young People’s Substance Misuse aims:

  • to support young people to receive up-to-date and age-appropriate information about drugs and alcohol,
  • to equip young people with the right harm reduction advice and skills for them to make positive and more informed decisions when it comes to using substances,
  • to reduce the risk of harm to self and others from substance misuse,
  • to reduce young people’s involvement in criminal activity, and
  • support emotional wellbeing.

Surrey Young People’s Substance Misuse also works with local partnership services to ensure the young people we are working with are receiving the correct support to achieve their goals.


Surrey Young People’s Substance Misuse is focused on supporting young people to achieve the best possible outcomes. We not only measure reductions in substance misuse via the YPOR scale, but we also measure the impact of the service on the individuals through surveys, feedback forms and quantitative data compiled via our HALO system. ​

While numbers and data will always be important, we are proud to consistently receive positive feedback from young people and other professionals about the Catch22 service and our dedicated and caring staff.

Between April 2022- March 2023, Surrey Young People’s Substance Misuse worked with 208 new young people in structured treatment: this is a 11% increase from the previous year. Of these:

  • 82% of the young people who left the service left with a positive outcome.
  • 112 young people under the age of 18 left the service with a positive outcome.
  • 135 young people left the service, with 98% reporting that they were satisfied with the service.
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