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Victim services

Victim First: Restorative justice leaflet

A man with a beard and a woman with short hair have a conversation sat opposite one another. Both are sat casually and the man is making notes. His glasses have been placed on the table between them.

Have you been the victim of crime? When you’re ready, restorative justice can help.

Restorative justice can:

  • give you the opportunity where you can talk about the incident and the harm caused,
  • get answers to any questions about what happened,
  • help the offender or person which caused the harm to understand the impact of their actions, and
  • get closure and the chance to move forward with your life.

Victim First is a free and confidential service offering Restorative Justice to victims of crime across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Restorative Justice is a voluntary process which offers you the opportunity to potentially communicate with the person who committed the crime or caused the harm. We have a dedicated Restorative Justice Caseworker as part of the team who can talk to you about restorative justice and explore if you would like the opportunity to communicate with the person who has caused you harm.