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Employment and training

Empowering Creativity: TikTok Creative Academy’s International Women’s Month Celebration

A collection of hands, raised into the air in celebration.

The TikTok Creative Academy’s International Women’s Month Celebration featured a diverse range of projects aimed at promoting empowerment, inclusion, and creativity. The celebration spotlighted the vibrant talents and voices within the community, from video compilations to an Illustration Competition. The series of events served as a dynamic platform for meaningful discussions, led by industry experts. These initiatives highlighted TikTok Creative Academy’s commitment to fostering diversity within the creative sphere. Join us as Catch22 Events Coordinator, Ilke Yilmaz, provides a recap of the highlights and key insights.

The TikTok Creative Academy programme is committed to boosting access to the creative industries, aiming to support over 2,500 young people who are not in education, employment, or training to get closer to a creative job.

The next TikTok Creative Academy event will be held in Derby on the 25th of April, Thursday. Sign up from here.

Video compilation project

The TikTok Creative Academy team embarked on an exciting video compilation project centred around the theme of Inspire Inclusion.” We invited team members to choose a meaningful word or sentence, allowing them to express their unique perspectives on inclusion, aiming to capture a diverse range of viewpoints.


Illustration Competition

We also hosted the TikTok Creative Academy Illustration Competition, themed Inspire Inclusion“. Current cohort members and alumni were invited to explore diverse perspectives. Participants expressed their interpretations of ‘inclusion’ through visual art, music, poetry, and multimedia projects. Memoonah Hussain emerged as the winner, with Amina Noor and Zaynah Khan as runners-up, serving as a powerful reminder of celebrating diversity in the creative endeavours.  Their winning submissions were showcased at the virtual event.


Winning illustration depicting four women all combining at one. With the statement 'We Are All One'
Competition Winner, Memoonah Hussain


Collage of images showing hand drawn illustrations depicting female forms including women in underwear, showing limbs and wearing head scarf
Runner-up, Zaynah Khan

The International Women’s Month Celebration events

The International Women’s Month Celebration events were a part of the touring series of TikTok Creative Academy events for 2024, celebrating the invaluable contributions of women in the creative community. From gaming to TV and film, and music, we spotlighted women in male-dominated fields, challenging stereotypes and inspiring young creatives.

Creative visit

The first event held in Manchester on March 8th was for the current TikTok Creative Academy cohort members and alumni. Attendees enjoyed an engaging discussion featuring distinguished women in the media, including the Head TV Editor of BBC Sport, ITV Production Manager, and Lead of ITV Early Careers. Participants also had the opportunity to enhance their skills through interactive editing masterclasses delivered by The Reporters Academy. The event provided networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with inspirational female talent in the creative industry.

Virtual event – Breaking barriers: women thriving in creative industries

As International Women’s Month drew to a close, the virtual event, hosted by Santarna Williams, a facilitator from TikTok Creative Academy, showcased a dynamic discussion. The event titled ‘Women Thriving in Creative Industries.’ was led by industry experts Amy Jones (Producer at Rare Ltd.), Lauren Louise Powell (Managing Director of Iluvlive – The UK’s No. 1 Artist Development and Events Platform), Louise O’Connor (Executive Producer at Rare Ltd.), Manrika Khaira (Comedian/Influencer) and Pamela Gupta (Newsreader, Presenter).

The discussion delved into various aspects of creative careers. Topics ranged from strategies for thriving in male-dominated industries to the boundless potential of creative careers.

This was followed by the TikTok Creative Academy Participant Showcase, highlighting the brilliance and creativity of talented women who have graduated from the programme and the transformative impact of the TikTok Creative Academy in nurturing emerging talent.

In the closing session Meghan Dyer, Partnerships Manager at the TikTok Creative Academy, led an overview of the programme and working partnership examples, demonstrating collaborative efforts and successes.

Top five takeaways

Here are the top five key takeaways from the events, providing essential tips for aspiring creatives:

  1. Recognise Your Uniqueness: Embrace your true self and resist the pressure to conform to predefined standards or expectations. Your authenticity is what sets you apart and makes your contributions unique. Whether it’s your lived experiences, diverse perspectives, or unconventional approach, celebrate what makes you different. By staying true to yourself, you not only inspire others but also foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity in the creative community.
  2. Cultivate Curiosity: Embrace your curiosity as a tool for growth and learning. By staying curious and open-minded, you not only expand your knowledge and skills but also challenge stereotypes and break down barriers. Remember, curiosity knows no bounds, and it’s a vital ingredient for innovation and progress in any industry.
  3. Be Open to Non-Linear Career Paths: Instead of feeling constrained by traditional career paths or societal norms, embrace the fluidity and unpredictability of your journey. Allow yourself the freedom to explore different opportunities, take detours, and discover your unique path. Remember, it’s not about reaching a predetermined destination but embracing the adventure and growth that comes with the journey.
  4. Seek Mentorship Opportunities: Reach out to mentors who can offer advice, support, and insights based on their own experiences. Similarly, be proactive in seeking out opportunities for growth and advancement. Whether it’s through internships, apprenticeships, or networking events, seize every chance to learn, grow, and connect with others in the industry.
  5. Adopt a “Why Not Me?” Mentality: In male-dominated industries, self-doubt and imposter syndrome can be common challenges. Combat these negative thoughts by adopting a “Why Not Me?” mentality. Instead of questioning your worth or capabilities, believe in yourself and your potential to succeed. Remind yourself that you are just as deserving of opportunities as anyone else. Dare to dream big, take risks, and embrace the belief that you are worthy of success.

The next event of the TikTok Creative Academy event series will be held in Derby on the 25th of April, Thursday. Sign up from here.

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