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Catch22 Colleges: Mission Statement

Our vision

At Catch22, we believe that people can thrive if they have three basic things in life. We call these our 3Ps:

In practice, for our Colleges, this means:


We believe that every young person, regardless of their background or the barriers they face, deserves a good education. Our dedicated staff help students achieve their full potential by providing tailored support to give them the best chance of success.


We educate students and help them become active citizens in their communities. We equip them with the skills, qualifications and confidence to progress in the world of work and enter the next stage of their lives with purpose.


Our Colleges provide a safe, youth-centered and nurturing environment. There is a strong mutual respect between students and staff, creating places that are conducive to learning and development.

Our values

Our values describe how we go about our work. The College Team values reflect the Catch22 values:


We’re compassionate: we care about people – supporting them to move forward.

Many of our students face barriers to learning; whether that’s due to poor mental health, a difficult family situation or previous negative experiences in school. At Catch22, we don’t give up on people. We understand the complexity of needs and adapt our approach accordingly.

Because of our high staff to student ratio, we’re able to work with each student as an individual and support them with all aspects of their lives.

Our students are cared for and referred to other services for extra help if they need it.


We’re collaborative: we do things with people, not to them

Learner voice is at the heart of our ethos. Our students are encouraged to voice their opinions and tell us what works and what doesn’t – and we act on that feedback.

We also involve parents and carers in College life so there is a consistency of message and support for students at home and in the College setting.

We collaborate closely with other services – including social care, drug and alcohol services, housing support and speech and language therapy. Students are able to access these services as and when they need to.

We  also work with local employers to open up work experience and apprenticeship opportunities for our students. Our curriculum is shaped around local labour market needs, putting us in a unique position to be able to help students gain employment and apprenticeships in roles of value to the local community.


We empower others: we give people the knowledge, skills and opportunities to thrive

Our core purpose it to make a positive impact on young people’s lives by empowering them to believe that they can succeed in education.

Students are empowered by the fact that we don’t just value qualifications – we value (and reward) commitment and behaviour. For those struggling to achieve academically we teach them perseverance and how to break down work into milestones and celebrate each success.

There are no entry requirements for our Colleges; all students are treated as individuals and supported to reach their ambitions.

Our staff too are empowered to give the best possible support to students, with CPD geared around nurturing, pastoral support and qualifications.


We’re curious: we explore, innovate and challenge to improve what we do

We’re proud of our innovative teaching methods. Our students are receptive to alternative ways of learning – whether that’s through gamifying maths lessons or replacing desk-based learning with more practical sessions.

We appreciate the importance of motivating students. Our staff continually develop creative ways to recognise good attitudes and behaviours, and explore ways in which to keep students interested in learning and committed to staying the course.