Partners and funders

Catch22 creates bespoke partnerships with partners and funders.

We are actively seeking collaborators, funders and innovators who share our hunger to radically improve public services.  To do this we must collaborate like we have never done before. The current climate is forcing us to step outside of our traditional ‘partner’ roles, to reduce silos and focus on how we can achieve more together.  We know this kind of partnering is not always easy. It can be messy, timely and require flex and compromise. But that is the point. That is the realism, honesty and rigor needed to catalyse real change in our communities.

Partnerships with Catch22 will look different, for example they may:

  • Build a joint venture with financial and social returns
  • Co-produce a frontline delivery programme
  • Embed and scale a transformative idea into Catch22’s national footprint of 144 services
  • Pilot a promising innovation
  • Pool diverse resources and organisations around a common place

If you are a corporate, trust, foundation, social investor, social entrepreneur, charity, or philanthropist interested in doing things differently, scaling your impact and collaborating more closely than ever before, we would love to hear from you.  Let’s talk.

Some of our recent partnerships include:

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