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Catch22 Multi Academies Trust: Disciplinary policy and procedure

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Catch22 reserves the right to amend this policy, following consultation, where appropriate.

Date of last review: April 2023

Date of next review: July 2024


This policy sets out the process which Catch22 Multi Academies Trust will follow if it considers that an employee may have committed an act of misconduct and the actions that it may take as a result.

Catch22 Multi Academies Trust and its constituent Academies are committed to a coherent approach to the safety, protection and wellbeing of members of the Academy’s community, and to fairness and consistency in the way that disciplinary matters are handled.


This policy applies to all Catch22 Multi Academies Trust employees who have successfully completed their probation period. It does not apply to contractors, consultants, agency workers or any self-employed individuals working for the Trust.

This policy relates to all Academies and settings across Catch22 Multi Academies Trust and supersedes any local policies and procedures that have been in use prior to the Academy conversion.

Safeguarding children and young people

Any allegations of misconduct involving allegations of a child protection nature against an employee should be dealt with in line with the Trust’s Allegations of Abuse against Staff Policy in order to avoid either putting a child at further risk or prejudicing a police or social care investigation.

This procedure will therefore not be used in cases of child protection allegations unless and until there is written confirmation from the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO), or their representative that the Academy may proceed with an internal investigation.

Principles of application

The Trust’s approach to addressing disciplinary matters is based on a number of guiding principles which run through this document:

  • all staff covered by this document will be treated in a fair, consistent and nondiscriminatory manner;
  • proper and adequate procedures based on the principles of natural justice will be followed before any disciplinary decisions are taken;
  • management and employees will raise and deal with issues promptly and not unreasonably delay meetings, decisions or confirmation of those decisions;
  • application of this policy will be in accordance with the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures.

If an employee has difficulty at any stage of the procedure as a result of a disability, they should discuss the situation with their line manager or raise this with the Trust’s People Team as soon as possible.

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