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Catch22 Multi Academies Trust: Managing sickness absence policy and procedure

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Catch22 reserves the right to amend this policy, following consultation, where appropriate.

Date of last review: April 2023

Date of next review: July 2024


The Trust aims to encourage all its employees to maximise their attendance at work while recognising that employees will, from time to time, be unable to come to work because of ill health.

While the Trust understands that there will inevitably be some sickness absence among employees, it must also pay due regard to its operational needs. If an employee is persistently absent from work, this can damage efficiency and productivity, and place an additional burden on the employee’s colleagues.

By implementing this policy, the Trust aims to strike a reasonable balance between the pursuit of its operational needs and the genuine need of employees to take time off work because of ill health.

Aims of the policy

This policy aims to:

  • provide a standard process and consistent approach for managing sickness absence;
  • treat all employees in a way which is sensitive and fair, and balances the needs of the employee with that of the Trust;
  • provide support for absent employees so that they can return to work as soon as their condition allows, whilst sustaining a required level of attendance;
  • identify and eliminate any potential workplace risks to the employee’s health and wellbeing;
  • promote a positive culture of attendance.


  • ‘Sickness absence’ is defined as an incapacity to carry out the duties and responsibilities which an employee is contractually obliged to do, because of his or her own illness or injury.
  • ‘Short term sickness absence’ is defined as one or more periods of sickness absence lasting one to 27 calendar days.
  • ‘Long term sickness absence’ is defined as any period of sickness lasting 28 calendar days or more.


This policy applies to all Catch22 Multi Academies Trust employees who have successfully completed their probation period. It does not apply to contractors, consultants, agency workers or any self-employed individuals working for the Trust.

This policy does not apply to the need to take time off work because of the illness or injury of others, for example, dependents, which is covered by a separate policy.

This policy is formulated on the assumption that, if the Trust suspects there to be misconduct, its separate Disciplinary Procedure will apply. For example, the Trust may take disciplinary action if there is evidence that:

  • absence is not genuine or not for the reason provided;
  • the employee is undertaking inappropriate activities while off sick, such as carrying out work for another organisation;
  • the correct sickness absence notification and evidence procedure has not been followed.

The policy relates to all schools and settings across Catch22 Multi Academies Trust and supersedes any local policies and procedures that have been in use prior to the academy conversion.