Transforming Rehabilitation (Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire)

Support in prison through to release and resettlement into the community to reduce the risk of re-offending

Support is provided using an individualised approach which focuses on establishing high-quality relationships with prisoners, with tailored plans developed that meet the needs of each person both before and following release.

Custody Case Workers undertake thorough Basic Custody Screening Tool 2 (BCST 2) assessments that take account of each prisoner’s capabilities, strengths, barriers to changing their lives and their motivation for doing so.

Resettlement Plans are developed and tailored to meet the needs of each prisoner, with particular attention paid to those with protected characteristics. These plans are monitored closely and staff ensure that preparations for release are actioned through partnership working with the CRC, National Probation Service, statutory partners including the Police and other non-statutory partners.

Case Workers both deliver and access interventions that support rehabilitation, working with both mainstream and specialist providers. These may include housing advice, support in sustaining positive relationships, linking with prison industries to match skills with the local job market, finding employment following release and and addressing finance, benefit and debt issues.


This service is provided in the following resettlement prisons:

  • HMP Bristol
  • HMP Erlestoke
  • HMP Guys Marsh
  • HMP Leyhill
  • HMP Portland

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