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We work with young people and adults in custody and in the community, providing a range of services including offender management and resettlement, veterans in custody, victim services, gangs work and youth justice.

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Working with young people and adults, we provide intervention services in custody and in the community that are focused on building strong, consistent and trusting relationships to help unlock potential and make positive changes in life.

Our diversion and rehabilitation justice work is based upon:

  • a thorough assessment of risk and need
  • interventions that are tailored to meet the needs of each service user
  • forming high quality relationships that are designed to promote engagement and desistance
  • working with local partners and service experts to ensure the best use of different skills, knowledge and resources available.

We believe in putting relationships at the centre of what we do. 97% believe we make a difference because we take the time to build a relationship with them.*

Offender management and resettlement

Our offender management and resettlement models are unique. We provide support from entry into prison right through to transition into community life. By having an end-to-end model of one Case Worker and one relationship, we support the service user to take ownership of their plan and motivate them to make a positive difference to their future.

HMP Doncaster and HMP Thameside

We deliver offender management at HMP Doncaster and HMP Thameside. Our teams work closely with the Offender Manager in the community to ensure that people with convictions receive an integrated and consistent approach to their assessment, sentence planning and implementation of sentence plans across both custodial and community elements of their sentence. Case Workers, Case Support Workers, High Risk Case Workers and Case Administrators manage the prison’s case load and act as a central point of contact for Offender Managers, intervention providers and other departments and agencies, inside and external to the establishment, to address offending behaviour and prepare service users for release. We also offer a structured support network for Veterans in Custody (VICs) that assists in reducing re-offending and living a good life outside of a regimental environment.

Inspectors noted when speaking to prisoners in HMP Doncaster that they had a ‘very positive impression of Catch22 and spoke positively about caseworkers’.

HMP Ashfield

Our team of Case Managers in HMP Ashfield complete the role of prison-based Offender Supervisors. Alongside the community Offender Manager and interventions teams, we review the risk and needs of each individual to ensure that robust sentence plans are created to reduce the possibility of future harm. We work with all partners to structure the expectations of service users and prepare them for the next phase within their sentence plan.

Through The Gate

With Through The Gate services in the South West, South, London and West Yorkshire, we work in partnership with a number of Community Rehabilitation Companies and make appropriate referrals to deliver the Through The Gate agenda. Our teams assess service users’ needs and construct individual plans, taking into consideration accommodation, finance, employability and relationships. We also support victims of domestic violence and those who have been involved in the sex industry. This collaborative approach best supports service users to reintegrate into the community and reduce reoffending.

IPP mentoring

Our IPP mentoring services provide dedicated mentors to ensure prisoners receive the support they need to satisfy the Parole Board, successfully resettle in the community and comply with their release plan helping to prevent recall and further offending.

Community work

Victim services

Our victim services are co-designed with commissioners and partner agencies to meet the local needs of victims, ensuring they receive emotional and practical support by phone and face-to-face meetings in their home and community, alongside practical support and crime prevention advice.


Our gangs services work nationally to address the multiple and complex issues that can lead to gang involvement, bringing together research, policy and practice to understand how to reduce the harm caused by gangs and gang-related crime.

Youth justice

We deliver a range of services that cover the spectrum of youth justice, from crime diversion and prevention through to intensive supervision and surveillance.

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* Catch22 Service User Survey 2015/16